• This course is designed to equip students to become problem solvers and producers rather than consumers when it comes to current technologies.  Students will learn a variety of software programs throughout the course of this year, but the focus will be more on how to learn and manipulate new programs rather than the programs themselves.  The basics of cloud computing will also be discussed and utilized within this course.

    Students will be expected to create a digital portfolio of work, and continually be reflecting upon their own learning within the class.  These portfolios may be publically hosted and as such it will be expected that students also comment on their peer’s work and thought processes in a constructive manner.  Time will be allotted in class for this, but students may also choose to do this outside of school hours as well.

    Self enrolment: Computer Technology 7/8 Year II Cycle 2016-17
  • In this course you will be introduced to File Management, Computer Ethics, and Cloud Computing Basics. You will also create a digital portfolio in Moodle which will be added to throughout the year. You learn the basics of Microsoft Office by becoming a Techno Entrepreneur. Then you will be introduced to the basics of Animation and learn how to use Blender. After this, you will delve into creativity software by learning how to use Adobe Suite and more aspects of Blender. Video Game design will be the last part of the course along with some hardware and self learning where you will understand the basic components of a computer and how to physically work on them.

    Self enrolment: Computer Technology 7/8 Year I Cycle--2017-2018