• Summer School Math 30-1 With Andrea Lammers-Pottage.  This Moodle page will include our notes from in-class, along with practice problems for the diploma exam.  It will also include any homework problems we go over together.

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  • The use of these digital files is restricted to use for students with special education needs who have disabilities that limit their access to print materials. These disabilities are referred to as ‘perceptual disabilities’ in Canadian Copyright Legislation (section 32).

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  • Math 10C is designed to provide students with
    the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for
    entry into either the “-1” or “-2” streams, which are generally required for
    post-secondary study. Students enter these streams in grade 11. Topics in Math 10C include trigonometry, relations and functions, and
    analyzing systems of linear equations.

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  • Mathematics 10-3 students solve linear and area measurement problems of 2-D shapes and 3-D objects using SI and imperial units. They use spatial reasoning to solve puzzles; solve problems involving right triangles and angles; solve unit pricing, currency exchange and income problems; and manipulate formulas to solve problems. They also use scale factors and parallel and perpendicular lines to solve problems.

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  • In Mathematics 20-3 you will learn and discover new math concepts through exploration and communicating with others. Through these discussions with your fellow learners, you will learn to communicate and reason mathematically as well as express your understanding.

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